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These products are helpful when you bring your new family member home



We feed our pups Orijen Six Fish dry food and Bold by Nature Raw. Both of these brands are fantastic foods. We use kibble for puzzles and slow release feeders to ensure pups/dogs are stimulated mentally. A fun way to feed raw food is spread it on a lick mat and freeze it. Give your pup the frozen lick mat for a calming exercise.


Enrichment toys help pups build their brains, minimize boredom, reduce chewing, increase problem solving skills and have fun! You can purchase toys on amazon or create your own games. Enrichment groups on Facebook are helpful or check out YouTube for ideas. Boxes and paper bags are fun for hiding and seeking treats or hide treats around the house and let your pup find them. You can show them too by pointing your finger towards the treat which also helps pups focus on you!

enrichment toys for dogs
Baxter and Bella Training


Training is essential for building a healthy bond with your new family member. Setting boundaries and building focus on you are important for your pup to grow into a confident and well mannered dog. We use the Baxter and Bella online training program. I highly recommend this program. A lifetime membership is under $300 and gives you access to live training sessions, recorded training sessions, podcasts, advice from trainers and much more! Use our code 'ROSIES' for 25% off Baxter and Bella lifetime membership. Puppy group classes in your local area are a great way to socialize and meet other puppy parents too. YouTube is a great resource for training videos.


Pet Insurance provides your pet with health and dental coverage. We use Truepanion and offer 30 days of free coverage when you bring your puppy home.

Dog insurance
puppy play pens


Crates create a safe and quiet rest place for your puppy. I recommend doing some research about the advantages of using a crate. Our pups are used to having treats and food in their crates which helps your pup transition to full crate training. If you have children or other pets, a puppy playpen is super helpful. Puppies, just like children, get overstimulated and can be rough or anxious as a result. A puppy playpen is a little space for your puppy to relax. If you make the puppy playpen a positive place, by giving chews or enrichment toys, your pup will start to go there on their own when they are overstimulated and need a break. There are many variations of pet and baby playpens on Amazon ranging from $60-$500. Be sure to buy a playpen that puppy can't fit their feet into for climbing over. The one shown above is perfect for puppies.

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