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Lucy Ella and Milly Belle have found their homes but we have more partnership opportunities coming this summer and fall. 

We couldn't bring these wonderful, well socialized, healthy pups into the arms of families without the support of guardian homes. Our guardianship program is a partnership in creating little heart healers. Guardians receive a top choice puppy at no cost and receive puppy bonuses! Your puppy remains your forever dog and we retain breeding rights for a set amount of time. We spay/neuter your dog at our cost and sign over full ownership when they retire from our program. Guardians must live within an hour or two of Mission, BC. We do accept guardians from greater distances with agreed upon travel requirements. 

Moms remain in our breeding program for three litters. They come back to our home for whelping and nursing which is usually about six-seven weeks, once or twice a year. We stay connected with our families via video calls and in person visits. This is a great way for families to experience puppies without all the work! This also works very well for people who like to travel, as vacations can be planned around whelping time. Guardians of our moms receive bonuses for every puppy your girl creates. 

Dads remain in our program for five years. We borrow your boy for an hour or two a few times a year for breeding purposes. Guardians of our dads receive bonuses for every litter your boy creates. 

If you would like more information on our guardianship opportunities, please fill out a puppy application and indicate your interest in guardianship. 


*UPDATE: Lucy has found a great home on an acreage on Quadra Island. She has kids and plenty of space to run.


*We have another girl who will have a similar temperament and colours coming up! Inquire to find out more.


Lucy is not only the most gorgeous girl but she also possesses an exceptional temperament. She loves everyone and all animals. She has been training for therapy work in a school setting so she's great with kids. She is very respectful and patient. Lucy is bombproof! She doesn't react to loud sounds or unexpected sights. She would do well as a facility therapy dog or a support animal for an individual. Lucy sheds minimally and is not hypoallergenic.

Lucy was born November 17, 2023.



*UPDATE: Milly Belle has found her family. She has a lovely acreage in Maple Ridge with dogs and lots of family. She will be her mama's shadow and guardian.

*We have an upcoming opportunity for a boy that will have similar colouring. Please inquire for details. 


Milly is very sweet and sticks to her person like glue. She is very human focused and easy to train. She has gorgeous traditional tri markings and a soft non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat. Milly would do very well with older adults in a structured environment. She does love children but she is quite shy around them and startles with loud sounds and sudden movements. We are working with Milly to increase her confidence and she's coming along very well. 

Milly was born December 26, 2023.

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