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We are an ethical and experienced bernedoodle breeder located in British Columbia with a passion for raising socialized, calm, and confident puppies.

Many of our puppies work in support roles such as service, therapy and emotional support.

Our Bernedoodle puppies are raised in our home and experience the everyday routines of family life which allows for a smooth transition into your home. Moms and dads are health and genetic tested. Pups are raised with early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, sound desensitization and a curriculum which incorporates different novel items and environmental exposures daily. We also conduct temperament testing to ensure families and pups fit well.

All of our efforts help our puppies to be super resilient and confident when they join your family.



Hello and welcome! My name is Leah. Here's a little information about me, my dogs and my breeding experience.


I have always had a dog (or three!). Dogs are an essential part my life. My dogs come with me when I travel, they sleep on my bed, and they come to work with me. I've built my life around making sure I can always have a dog (or four lol). My partner and I have over 10 years of breeding experience. We began with Malamutes and continued with guardian breeds including great Pyrenees, Tibetan mastiffs, and Caucasian shepherds.


As I transitioned into a position as a school counsellor, I began to research therapy dogs. Dogs have helped heal my heart in many ways and so I believed a therapy dog would benefit the children I work with. Bernese mountain dogs crossed with standard poodles kept popping up in my search for the perfect therapy dog. With low to moderate energy, extremely loving personalities and low to no shedding, this cross is indeed perfect for working with children in a school setting. It's incredible how the children connect so easily with my dogs! Many of the kiddos I work with have endured complex trauma in their lives and many of these kids have trouble connecting with adults. Dogs on the other hand, have a quiet way of connecting and sharing their love. 


Rosie, was my first bernedoodle and she has exceeded all of my expectations! She is by far the sweetest, most loving, eager to please, cuddly dog I’ve had the pleasure of loving. Rosie has been attending school with me from the age of five months. As bernedoodles are well known for, she is perfectly loving and tolerant of all children. From the littles crawling all over her to the teens needing a hug, Rosie eagerly gives her love to all. I wanted to share the perfection that Rosie is with others and so I began my journey to breed and raise perfect bundles of bernedoodle love! 

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