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This gorgeous man is a CKC and AKC registered silver phantom parti standard poodle. Oddie comes from champion lines. He stands 22” and weighs 50lbs. He has a typical fun loving standard poodle personality. He is a moderate energy boy who loves to snuggle and pull his kids around on rollerblades and skateboards. He's great with animals and children. EEm, KyKy, atat, DD, BB, spsp, FF, -/- for shedding. Clear disease panel through animal genetics.



Teddy is a CKC registered phantom parti poodle. He is 40lbs and 21" tall. His markings are very unique and his temperament is playful and sweet. He plays well with other dogs and loves to snuggle with his humans. Teddy is almost ready to be a dad and we can't wait to welcome his pups! Eme, KyKy, atat, DD, Bb, spsp, FF, +/- for shedding.  Clear on genetic disease panels through Embark. 


Rosie is an F1 bernedoodle, which means she is 50% Bernese mountain dog and 50% standard poodle. She is the best mom! She passes along her calm nature to her puppies. She is 24" and weighs 60 lbs. Rosie is low to moderate energy. She loves hiking but is also happy to relax in the office and get pets from all her students. Rosie absolutely adores children and loves her role as a school therapy dog. Ee, KBKy, atat, DD, BB, SSi, FI, shedding +/+. Clear disease panels through embark. 



Maisy is our sweet F1 bernedoodle girl. She is 50% Bernese mountain dog and 50% standard poodle. Maisy is 24" and 60 lbs. She is extremely sweet and tolerant of all dogs and puppies. She is mellow, quiet and a huge snuggle bug. She would spend her whole day laying in my lap if she could. Maisy is a little to reserved and shy for group therapy work but she does well with one on one sessions with children. We are super excited to welcome Maisy's first litter in the spring of 2024! Ee, KBKy, ayat, DD, Bb, SSi, FI, shedding +/-. One copy of Dm through embark.  


This little lady is the life of the party! She's not just fun but also gorgeous with her tri merle coat. Lucy is super confident and doesn't startle easily. She is respectful but outgoing with kids and dogs. She loves coming to school with me to play with the kids. she is shaping up to be an exceptional therapy dog. EEm, KyKy, atat, DD, BB, Sisp, Mm, FI, shedding +/+. One copy of Dm through embark. 



This sweet, mellow and quiet girl carries the name sake of my perfect Bernese, Pyrenees cross Bella who passed away in the summer of 2022. She is equally as sweet and affectionate. Her coat is a lovely wavy classic tri-colour which I'm looking forward to seeing on her pups too! EE, KyKy, atat, DD, BB, Sisp, FI, shedding +/-. Clear disease panel through embark. 


This little man is the sweetest boy. Blue is a merle phantom parti poodle. He is very intelligent and loves snuggles. We're waiting for his DNA results but he comes from exceptional parents so we expect him to pass all health testing with flying colours! His parents come from large mini poodle and small standard poodle lines. Blue's expected adult weight will be about 30 lbs. EE, KyKy, atat, DD, Bb, spsp, Mm, FF, shedding -/-, 9/10 intensity.

merle tri poodle stud

We also occasionally use studs from other reputable breeders. These boys also have completed genetic and OFA tests.

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