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"Leah made the process of adding a puppy to our family very comfortable and easy! There were no surprises with Oats - she came to us already potty trained and sitting on command at 8 weeks old. We are so fortunate to have such a fun loving well tempered 4 legged family member. Would highly recommend if you are looking to add a furry friend to your life."

Sam and Lance


"We couldn't be more thrilled to share our experience with Leah, our fabulous bernedoodle breeder who brought our puppy Bo into our lives. When we met Bo it was love at first sight. Bo's lovely temperament, gentle demeanour, playful nature, beautiful tri-coloured coat and overall health were a testament to Leah's commitment to producing quality bernedoodles. Her dedication to early socialization ensured that Bo was well adjusted and ready to become part of our family. Leah has not only given us an incredible companion but also ensured that Bo's start in life was filled with love, attention and the best possible care."

Lisa and Ron


"We adopted Finnigan from Leah. He is the most awesome ball of energy who brings us joy every day! It was easy to tell that his first 8 weeks were filled with lots of people and pet interactions as his transition to our busy household was seamless. He loves everyone he meets!

Initially, we had a difficult time choosing our pup because they were all so adorable. Leah was very patient and graciously made time for us to visit the puppies on three different occasions. This was the first time I have adopted a puppy from a breeder. It was an amazing experience thanks to Leah!"



"I first saw Rosie's Bernedoodles on Instagram and was so happy to see she was in BC. I had been to shelters and tried so hard to rescue but I am so allergic I just couldn't. When I saw Rosie has a winter litter, I was so excited! Went and met our little guy and Leah (the breeder) was so helpful and had such great advice. I surprised my husband for his 60th birthday and Leah was so involved in helping with everything. Once we picked up Gunther, Leah checking in with us to make sure Gunther was adjusting and we keep in touch all the time. So much advise and always so thoughtful to answer my sometimes ridiculous questions. Highly recommend Rosie's Bernedoodles."

Jackie and Steve

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