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Available Puppies

 A few of our 2024 F1b bernedoodle puppies are still looking for their families!

Maisy's puppy choices are complete and we have two pups available to add to your family! Pups are ready to go home on June 19th

Scroll down for more information.

Please fill out a puppy application if you are interested in these therapy quality puppies. 


Wish is an F1b bernedoodle from Maisy and Snickers Rainbow Litter. She has perfect black and white tuxedo markings with a fully furnished, non shedding coat. She will grow to be about 35 lbs. Wish is very sweet and quiet. She always checks things out before jumping in. If one of the bigger pups is being rough, she toddles off to do her own thing. She's very snuggly but also plays well on her own. 


Wish is ready to go home on June 19!

Please fill out a puppy application if you would like to bring this perfect bernedoodle baby home.


  • first vaccines and microchip

  • raised on a therapy curriculum

  • health tested parents 



Rainbow is an F1b bernedoodle from Maisy and Snicker's Rainbow Litter. She has a soft brown tuxedo coat that is furnished, and non shedding. She will grow to be about 35lbs. Rainbow is a silly little playful girl, always making us giggle. She loves to hang out more with people than her littermates. Rainbow is human focused and loves to snuggle but she also plays well on her own. She will be a very versatile dog, doing well with one person or a big loud family with multiple pets.


Rainbow was born with stiff ligaments and muscles as she was squished in utero. This can happen in very large litters. We have used massage and stretching to help her limbs develop. She is now getting around just as well as her littermates. She will have X-rays before being placed with her family. 


Rainbow is ready to go home on June 19th!

Please fill out a puppy application if you would like to bring this special little bernedoodle baby home.

  • first vaccines and microchip

  • raised on a therapy curriculum

  • health tested parents 



If you are interested in our sweet pups, filling out a puppy application is the first step. An application is not a commitment, but rather an introduction that allows me to get to know you and your family and which characteristics you're looking for in a puppy. It also helps me place pups in homes that will resect their innate personalities. 

I'm looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Leah ♥️​

Rosie spring 2024 puppies

As every puppy is perfect in their own way, the cost is the same for each individual litter no matter the colour of the pup.
Fall/ Winter 2024: $2500 plus 5% GST 

I am super excited to announce that our program is expanding to include Merle and multigenerational bernedoodles in mini, medium and standard sizes.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out a puppy application. After your puppy application has been approved, if you would like to become one of the first to choose a puppy, you are welcome to make a deposit of $500. Your deposit secures your spot on our reservation list. Puppy choices are determined by the order of deposits received, after temperament tests are complete, when pups are about six and a half weeks old. The deposit is non-refundable but you may move your reservation to another litter. Your deposit will be credited towards the purchase price upon pick up or delivery of your puppy. Alternatively, we can add you to our contact list, and if we have a puppy available after our reservation families have chosen their puppy, we will reach out to you. 

Our pups come home to you with age appropriate vaccinations, vet health check, microchip, and deworming. Their puppy bag includes a collar, leash, toys, training treats and their current puppy food for transition. We also offer a 25% discount on Baxter & Bella online training with the code ROSIES, 30 days free Trupanion health insurance and lifetime breeder support. 

Every puppy raised in our home is a part of our family. They socialize with children, other dogs and cats. We start puppies with early neurological stimulation, early scent introductions and sound desensitization which helps to create more confident and resilient dogs. Our pups are also raised on a tailored therapy dog curriculum which incorporates BAB and Puppy Culture. Pups are introduced to novel items, situations, and environments which helps them become confident problem solvers, in-tune family members and have a great start for therapy work. Puppies have access to both inside and outside play. We start potty training puppies at three weeks old with wood pellet litter boxes. When pups are 5-6 weeks old we begin outdoor potty training in our puppy toddler area. The toddler area has access to inside and outside with a doggy door. Please check out our reviews for testimonies to how easily our pups transition into your home. 

If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy/dog we ask that you please return them to us. We have a network of lovely families that will be happy to love your puppy/dog. This is our way of supporting our families and all of the puppies we help to create. We will never judge you for your decision as life is so unpredictable!



* We have two little girls still available from Maisy and Snicker's pups!


Pups were born April 24th, 2024 and ready to go home on June 19th.
Maisy and Snicker's Rainbow Litter pups are a colourful collection of bernedoodle love! Please fill out a puppy application if you are interested in one of these little heart healers. Check out our social media with the link below for more pictures and videos. Pups will be allergy friendly and have no shedding coats that will range from wavy to curly. All pups from this litter will be furnished with that big fluffy beard we all love in a doodle. We expect sizes to range from 30-60lbs.​



Maisy is the sweetest mamas girl. She loves to snuggle and tries to lay right on top of me. She also loves her runs and playing with puppies. Maisy is a gentle and attentive mom. She’s the most sweet kind hearted dog I’ve ever met. Her pups will be equally as lovely.



Snicker is a lower energy, easy going smaller standard poodle who joins his pup parent at work in a busy shop. He loves to greet all the people that come and go through the day. He's such a gorgeous boy and super sweet. I can't wait to see the temperaments of his babies. 

Please check out our social media page for up to date pictures and videos

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